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Foiling Glue


The PattieWack Foiling Glue is used to adhere gold and silver Crafting Foil to any hard crafting surface. Embellish scrapbook pages, boxes, jewelry, shoes, frames, and any thing else you can think of, that has a hard surface.  Works on fabric, but not washable.  Great to put around edges of broken china to create a soft edge and then make into one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Foiling Steps:

  1. Squeeze PattieWack™ Foiling Glue onto project.
  2. Let dry until clear. Glue will remain tacky to touch.
  3. Place foil shiny-side-up, over the foiling glue.
  4. Press/burnish the foil into the glue with fingertip.
  5. Peel away to reveal foil.

4 oz. (New larger size!)